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Strategic Planning for Agencies

We understand the unique challenges faced by advertising and marketing agencies because we've run our own agency. Our team specializes in creating strategic plans for advertising and marketing agencies to help you grow profitably, have consistent cashflow and focus on doing great work.

When you work with Canoan Strategy to create your strategic plan, you'll emerge with a solid framework from which to operate your business. You'll be able to create a level of focus and determination for you and your team that will drive results for the agency and your clients.

Why work with Canoan Strategy as a consultant?

1) You can get to where you want to go a heck of a lot faster

2) All the key players on your team can participate and not facilitate

3) You need someone who can help you see your blind spots and question your assumptions and constraints

4) Experienced facilitators and coaches that know the industry (not a general business coach)

What to expect when you work with Canoan Strategy

We use a six step strategic planning process:

1) Vision

2) Target audience

3) Offering(s)

4) Objectives

5) Constraint pathways

6) Accountability mapping

At the end of the process, you'll have a definitive strategic plan that will serve as the guide for your agency and keep you focused on the things that matter. If you choose, we also offer executive coaching to help guide you through the implementation process.

Please contact us to discuss your specific strategic planning needs.

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