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Busy is an understatement for a leader. We totally get it. That’s why we’re giving you our best leadership coaching and insights directly to your inbox every week. 


Totally free and at your convenience. We’re sure you’ll enjoy and can relate to what we share, but if it’s not for you, that’s cool. Just unsubscribe whenever you want. No hard feelings.

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Utilizing emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and real-life know-how, Canoan Strategy supports current leaders, high potential leaders, and senior leadership teams with customized strategies that will:

  • Identify and regulate triggers

  • Identify blind spots and improve self-awareness

  • Manage expectations and reduce stress

  • Learn how to communicate effectively and with purpose

  • Create a compelling and clear vision

  • Inspire and impact others

  • Create stability and accountability in a collaborative environment

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Colleagues Working Together
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Emotionally intelligent leaders create a positive and collaborative work environment, foster effective relationships, and achieve sustainable results. Executive coaching with Kathleen means you can build actionable and practical strategies that grow your confidence, profitability and productivity.


Nothing can stall progress and success as quickly as a leadership team that’s not on the same page. From changing roles to new members, learn how we support leadership teams to effectively communicate and reach goals quickly and efficiently without ruffling any feathers.


From finding joy as a strategic advantage to understanding the connection between neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and how it affects leadership, Kathleen offers a variety of speaking topics to get you and your team thinking and ready to take action.


Working on yourself is messy. No one understands that more than Kathleen. If you're not wanting to quit at some point during the process, we're not doing our job. Breakthroughs don't happen in comfortable environments. But if you stick with it, we guarantee you'll have the same things to say about Kathleen that these individuals do.  

"With over 10 year in the business of partnering with professional development coaches, keynote speakers and corporate training facilitator’s I can attest to Kathleen being in the upper echelon.  She has an uncanny ability to ask thought provoking questions that provide insight and clarity.  She listens, provides fieldwork in between sessions and is a mastermind at keeping me focused on my goals.  Being coached by Kathleen is a game-changer."

- Paulette Milewski, Master's of Leadership

Program Sales Manager


Kathleen Riessen Portrait

Kathleen Riessen

Founder, Executive Coach & Leadership Strategist

Kathleen Riessen is known for her direct, unbiased, and interruptive, yet supportive feedback. She’ll tell you herself that she’s a master disruptor, but in the best of ways for your personal and professional growth. Her ability to ask challenging questions and listen to what’s not being said allows leaders a unique environment to open up and share the real challenges keeping them up at night and hindering the success and impact they desire.

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Kathleen is a leadership expert, speaker, and coach driven to create transformational results in individuals and organizations. Whether giving a keynote or speaking to small groups, her energetic ability to draw in each audience member with thought-provoking perspectives along with some wit and humor leaves participants wanting more.

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The Brain. The Ladder.
The Leader.

Understand the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence and how it applies to impactful leadership.

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Joy as a Strategic Advantage

Uncover the formula to create results no matter what is going on around you.

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Building a Coaching-Based Organization
Teaching leaders how to move their company forward through organizational coaching.

Book Kathleen Today

From keynote to small group, Kathleen is ready to engage and inspire you and your team to build confidence and reach your goals and beyond (while having fun).

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Shari Saunders, Marketing Manager, Smash Park Entertainment Group

Kathleen brought great energy, personal experiences, and scientific knowledge to her engaging presentation. She has a natural way to make attendees feel comfortable participating in her workshop. Our attendees agreed there were immediate takeaways from the insights shared!

Teri Hamburger, Executive Director American Advertising Federation Omaha

"Blow your team or conference attendees away with Kathleen Riessen's keynote presentation on Avoiding Burnout. It was evident Kathleen has spent a lot of time investigating the prevalence of burnout and the effects it has on organizations - her keynote delivery was right on target with our federation's goal to give members practical motivational insight to help them lead at their peak."

Paula Steenson

I had a guest with me who became a new member this morning and we agreed you were one of the best presenters we had heard in a very long time. It's rare that we have people walk away being so enthused.
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